Driven by our love for food, my wife and I are always looking for ways to produce the tastes of 5-star restaurants' food at home. We love steamboats / hotpots so my wife decided to create her own version of chicken collagen soup from scratch.

After many trials, failures and kilograms of chicken bones, she managed to produce the best tasting collagen soup there is. This led to the birth of our first product - Premium Chicken Collagen Soup, which was well loved by family and friends. They loved it so much that they asked “Why don’t you start selling collagen soup?” This gave us the idea to turn it into a business. We then partnered a food manufacturer with an ISO 22000 certified production facility to replicate my wife’s recipe and to commercialise the process.

Bearing in mind that others may not have the time to make their own fresh stock, we started CHU Collagen in April 2020 with the aim of delivering high quality stock into households to elevate the cooking and dining experiences at home.

A Japanese-inspired brand, CHU is named after the Japanese characters  “チュ” (CHU) which is slang for the sound of a kiss. This expression represents an adorable reaction to anything that is extremely pleasing and delicious beyond words. As food lovers ourselves, our goal is to make "CHU” the standard reaction to our premium soup bases.

We are excited that CHU Collagen is now available in Malaysia, chuly Asia!

Yours Chuly®,
Peter Lau & Ethel Neo
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Chu Collagen Sdn. Bhd.
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