"No-fuss top quality soup choice for every taste and every season. I love CHU!"
- Yvonne Lim, Mediacorp Artiste & CHU Collagen Ambassador

"Legitimately, one of the best prawn soup I have eaten in my life!"
- Ryan Tan, Co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics

"CHU Collagen is the standard for steamboat broth!"
- Aiken Chia, Producer of Food King by NOC

"The consistency of it is thick leh! And this tickled my fancy in all areas!"
- Nina Tan, Guest Host on Food King by NOC

"That particular laksa broth right; it was rich, it was lemak, it was fragrant. It was very very steady. I'm dreaming of it now."
- Chef Ming, Guest Host on Food King by NOC

"It (Laksa Soup) went smoothly down the throat and I downed the entire bowl of soup easily... There was a certain heft to the broth and it was lemak enough that laksa purists won't be disappointed. It (Prawn Mee Soup) was very impressive that the umami flavour is captured in a packet..."
- Seow Kai Lun, AsiaOne

"The (Chicken Collagen) soup was pleasantly robust and umami without tasting that it was laden with MSG. Instead, it reminded us of homemade chicken soup so one could easily trick people into thinking that you made the soup yourself. Can't go wrong with this one for communal hotpots."
- Mothership

"Its rich, creamy, and super nutritious broth is unbelievably delicious"

As recommended by The Straits Times.
"Frozen stocks worth the price"
- Wong Ah Yoke, SPH, Senior Food Correspondent recommends, 10 Jul 2020

The Straits Times review - CHU Collagen


















Read what our customers wrote about CHU Collagen Soup.

Based on 390 reviews
Grateful for friend’s recommendation to try CHU Collagen!

Ordered the premium chicken collagen soup and truly it was sumptuous - thick and creamy without any hints of artificial ingredients! The family favourite so far though is still the laksa! It was da-bomb! Gonna be back for more for sure!

Wholesome goodness!

Japanese noodles in a collagen broth! Makes me happy!

We have been getting this wonderful soup from Chu Collagen over the last 3 years. It has been a real hit with the fam bam and we have used the broth as a stock for our CNY Sharksfin Soup, congee and homemade ramen. It never fails to disappoint us and our guests. We have just finished our month’s supply and look forward to the next delivery.

Yummy n fuss free!

Simple, easy, fast. Good for busy mothers or last minute meal plans!

Yummy Soups

My go to for chicken collagen soup and prawn soup. Helps me to whip up a quick soupy meal. Yummy, nutritious and handy. Good to stock up in fridge for any occasion be it to cook a simple meal for 2 or when guests come, as hotpot soup base. Great product

Crab Bee Hoon Recipe Kit
Cynthia Lee (Singapore, SG)
Simple crab bee Hoon at home

Simple and super yummy recipe and ingredients. Only thing is need to get crab 🦀 opener ready at home to open the crab claws … if not won’t be easy to open the claws.

Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (1L)
Timothy Lee (Singapore, SG)
Super yummy and delicious Chicken Collagen Soup

I have never tasted such delicious chicken collagen soup! It is so rich and flavourful. I didn’t add water because my family likes it “gao”. I heard so much from my friends in Singapore about how good it is and I’m so happy that I can now get it in Malaysia! Will order more!

2-Litre bundle: Premium Prawn Mee Soup (2L)
Yinglin Hoe (Singapore, SG)
Prawn mee

Nice soup

2-Litre bundle: Premium Prawn Mee Soup (2L)
Eileen W (Sembawang Estate, SG)
Yummy Prawn Mee Soup

This soup is full of unami. Very convenient to have in the fridge. Used it to cook up a fuss free and quick noodle soup that tastes delicious. Just need to heat up the soup, add in my noodles and whatever ingredients I have. I diluted it to cook a pot of soup for 3, and it still taste great.

Comfort Food

Was feeling under the weather and this soup really hit the spot. Personally preferred adding some water to reduce the thickness, very kao but super shiok. Highly recommend, will repeat again :)

Taste good

taste good

Thick and delicious soup!

It's very easy and convenient, you just have to pour the content in package and cook! Water can be added depending on your preference. I prefer not to add and the soup taste nice, smooth and thick! Overall is satisfied with the purchase! :)

Tasty Soup

1st time trying it and loves the taste, will purchase again.

Soupy stuff

Good quality soup base. Fragrant. Taste and smell - Good
Comes very handy during CNY. Great soup base for steam boat.
Use half packet and dilute with water.
In a big pot, throw in meat balls, Mushrooms, fish maw, thinly sliced meat, Napa veg., Excellent

2-Litre bundle: Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (2L)

Laksa review

Though the laksa was really fragrant and thick it was too spicy for my girl. Would be great if there were choice for spice level.

best steamboat soup

by far this is my best steamboat soup that i tried

Chicken Collagen soup

They are awesome 👏 use for steamboat & make soup noodle perfect 👍

A5 Wagyu & Chicken Collagen Soup Bundle
Meylinda Huang (Singapore, SG)

A5 Wagyu & Chicken Collagen Soup Bundle

A5 Wagyu & Laksa Soup Bundle
Elaine (Singapore, SG)

Repeat purchase! Fresh meat and nice soup base!

2L bundle

It arrived promptly and the soup taste great! Not too salty either. Delicious.

Premium chicken collagen soup

Use the collagen soup to braised sea cucumber and my whole family love it...taste just like restaurant standard.

Best home made prawn noodles soup

Family loves it so much claiming better then outside. Tgey doesn’t need to go out and queue with crowd anymore

Premium Mala Collagen Soup (1L)
Aimee Chua (Singapore, SG)
Shiok & spicy Mala

The mala soup is quick fix soup meal choice when you crave for a mala taste. Was very spicy at my level but shiok.